Which is worse: graffiti or garbage? (via right in front of me)

To start off I think that Garbage is worse than Graffiti because the world suffers form pollution and that cause global warming. Don’t we want a world that will be here for us in the future? Graffiti Has two side the bad side and the good side, the bad side is that it may be use for gang related stuff. The good side is that it can be use to beautify our community, it can teaches more about art. Graffiti teaches different cultures about different people in different parts of the world, it can be seen as a tattoo.If tattoos tell stories so can Graffiti. I’m not saying go and Tag all over the places but to get permission/consent and involve your community to try to change Graffiti from something Bad to something Good. I live in Los Angeles and if this city didn’t have Graffiti to look at to tell stories of back then I wouldn’t like living here. Graffiti Is the trade mark of LA. It might not be all good but we should try to make it that way, where people can walk by it and say thats a piece of art not a waste of time.

Which is worse:  graffiti or garbage? Both are against local bylaws.  Both are frowned upon by the good citizens who pay their taxes and are, by extension, paying for both of them to be cleaned up.  Both can be eyesores, a blight on the visual landscape.  But, if I had to choose, I'd take graffiti over garbage any day of the week.  Let's be clear here, though, that the graffiti I'm talking about is ART graffiti, not tagging a random wall in a school or bathroom stall with a Sharpie; … Read More

via right in front of me

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