“The Battle of Los Angeles”

The Battle of Los Angeles

The true story:

The Battle of Los Angeles is a story/myth an event that happen February 25,1942 after the attack in Pearl Harbor. Its been said that after the attack a few days later, 15 strange lights appeared in the coast of Los Angeles near the Santa Monica pear. What appear to be aircrafts thought to be by Japanese air force to attack wasn’t at all true. Those 15 rare but strange lights were not seen in the radar and began the speculations that they were UFOs. The U.S army was called upon to attack those invaders since they were to close to land and were very suspicious. After firing and trying their best to take them out they realize that it was no use that they were not even touch by one single attack and that they didn’t want to attack back, to defend themselves but just float there in silence. That story was said to be a lie after the president and the government tried to cover the story up with lies that it was in deed an air attack by the Japanese. After years of speculations, witness, and photographs the people started to believe that the attack was real and realize that we where not the only ones anymore, that there is life after our universe. After years of this historic event a movie by the same name is coming out with its on point of view of what happened that day in Los Angeles. The movie is said to be a little more exaggerated than it really was but it gives some light on the story. It’s the viewer who decides if it’s real or not. The movie is set to come out March 11, 2011. I suggest you go watch it if your like me and like this kind of movies or stories based on life that is out of this world.


Battle of Los Angeles from 7designs on Vimeo.

Battle Los Angeles : le trailer from Scifi-universe on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “The Battle of Los Angeles”

  1. cvc95 says:

    This is very interesting 🙂 I like how you explained it

  2. griselda17 says:

    wow really interesting 🙂
    im so going to go watch it.
    by the way do you know the name of the song that comes out in
    the backround?

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