Interest/ Hobbies

Interest & Hobbies

M y interests are drawing/sketching. I like drawing because it helps me express my self in a new way. I like that I can draw what I like and add new things to my perspective. I also like reading, reading is something I didn’t like before but have found how interesting a book can be. I believe that the reason I didn’t like reading before it was because I was made to, now I read for joy. My favorite kinds of books are mystery/adventure/history     with a twist and much more. I like reading about things that mean nonsense but once you continue you will hang on a maybe connect the story with your own life and experiences. I love listening to music is one of my favorite things to do while doing all others. Helps me relax and think when I’m confused or worried.

“Music is like a time portal

That takes you to another decade in time.”   


Some of my hobbies are collecting photographs that have been forgotten, I have about four thousand pictures of different subjects in different times. I am a comic book freak, I collect them but not as much as The Beatles I have my room filled with pictures of the Beatles. I like finding new ways to make my room say something. Another hobby, well it might be considered a chore is to take my two dogs on walks and play with them. Since I don’t watch TV very often I like spending time with them outside. My hobbies and interest make me.  I think I would be nothing if I didn’t have anything to look forward to. My interests keep me at peace an unstressed in this hectic world of mind. I will continue adding more things to the list as time goes by.


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