“The Orakel Dynasty”

The premonition stirred underground welcome change. It has been foreseen. The profound heart of the city of Los Angeles was heard in a past heartbeat through Lokis and now it is heard in a louder heartbeat and will be seen in a new light through its evolution of change. It was inevitable and now the collaboration of a new growing empire is emerging and has found a connection through the same soul/mind and fierce desire to realize the dream that street art and graffiti originating from the worse parts of this city is now creating.

The best for the city and sharing it with the world and proving that it is now and always has been the most unique, authentic, and boldest type of art and deserves that recognition. This team of artist has come together from different corners of the world, through need and effort succeeding through struggle and is now collaborating and finding strength together to produce a vision and fulfill a prophecy.

Art and the fashion industry have seen the future. The Orakel has had a vision of a Dynasty. A Dynasty so far ahead of its time, it can foresee and anticipate the needs and desires of individuality expression arises, an Orakel Dynasty.

Our revelation is that our style is meant to be worn by all and spread its unique complexity of expression through its art, heritage, and culture of crazy imagery done by prolific artist who can seek unique illustrations that prophecy will be fulfilled. The prophecy of a need for exclusive style with an expressive seep soul inspired by street and urban living, Orakel Dynasty brings it.

contact: www.myspace.com/orakeldynasty www.orakeldynasty.com www.facebook.com : Orakel Dynasty  Archer One : Artist/clothing company founder : “The orakel dynasty”, and “Lokis “

Orakel Dynasty MySpace

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