Freedom to me is a right, is something everyone should have no matter what race, religion, and way of thinking they might have. Freedom is really important if we didn’t have freedom we will all in a zoo with a world of pure madness because no one would be able to dispose of power to change or help the world in a good way. Freedom for me is everything without it I don’t now what I would do, I would have nothing to look forward to, and it will feel like I live in a cave: Uneducated, and uninspired to do something with my life. If when I see an animal in a cage I feel bad and would like to set them free, how would I feel to see my love ones, my friends in a cage with no freedom to do any thing?

“Free is the way to live, free as a bird.”

–Cynthia Cortez                                                      

In history we have learned that a lot of conflict comes when someone is not free. For example when the African Americans were slaves a lot of problems that caused in the country a lot of conflict with disagreement. When the Native Americans were strip from their freedom and strip from their land. In the past we have learn its bad and inhumane but I would like to know why do we keep doing it to animals, and worse that they can’t even speak to fend for themselves. I think that if we humans have freedom so should the animals.  Something I forgot to add that is really important I know everyone should be free but they have to choose the right always. Everyone should be free, if they CHOOSE THE RIGHT!!


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  1. stepphhh says:

    i used the same picture for freedom, lmao (:

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