“Blue Bird”

I saw a blue bird as diamond in the sky

I felt like I had wings and I could fly

I wanted to see what the blue bird saw

But I couldn’t it was hard

I wanted to see the sunrise,

I wanted to see the rainfall,

But i couldn’t see it from down here

I wanted to disappeared

Like that sweet rainbow that just appears

I want to be like the blue bird

Free and adventurous

Without any fear

Oh blue bird,

I want to be just like you

From down Here

About ccynthia93

"Fantastic, Expectations, Amazing, Revelations"
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3 Responses to “Blue Bird”

  1. i like this:) 🙂

    i replied to that comment, and yess it’s thee samee guy that we would talk about in 2nd:P lol

  2. aroved says:

    cute poem sounds nice haha

  3. griselda17 says:


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