On my long weekend… I went to Venice Beach with some friends to past the time, we had a lot of fun we arrived at Marina Del Rey then biked ride all the way to Santa Monica. We met a lot of new people, with a lot of talent. I like going to Venice because  there is all kinds of artist: Inspiring singers, painters, and sculptures. We even got to see some celebrities 😀 the one celebrity I didn’t like seeing there was Dr. Conrad Murray, but oh well what can you do. After that wonderful day  I met another artist that my dad introduce me to the guy that designs Nike shoes …  What a mind blowing day.


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"Fantastic, Expectations, Amazing, Revelations"
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3 Responses to Adventure

  1. cyndeerelly says:

    it sounds like a fun place to visit, i never been there but i hear its a lot of fun!

  2. titomz007 says:

    Venice Beach is the place to be on summer ❤

  3. jasmineidam says:

    awh i been wanting to go venice beach, sounds like you had a blast thou!

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