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“Day to Date life”

Well I went to go see Battle of Los Angeles with the family. I like the movie it was very interesting. The past few days i’ve been tweeting a lot and I’m glad to say that Twitter is great because I got to talk to some of my favorite actors  (can’t say who sorry) but yeah 🙂 and we have been tweeting each other “I’m star struck”, with out Twitter it would’ve been possible. So thank you I ❤ u.

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Hey wordpress well i’ve been enjoying waking up late, no school for two months and its great. The only problem is that i’m getting to attached to my tumblr. Tumblr is very addicting, so i decided to give it a rest to come and say hi, at least for now till i feel the urge to log in again 😀


Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private. The service emphasizes ease of use.

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The Signorelli Movement Foundation exists to inspire our rising generation to give back to the world in which we live.  The Signorelli Movement Foundation inspires and educates young people to create abundance and pay it forward for themselves and their communities through programs and opportunities our foundation provides.  We aspire for people of all ages to be touched by our work and to serve the following mission.


The specific purpose of this foundation is to address important social issues in the United States and around the world. The Signorelli Movement Foundation is committed to raising funds through clothing fundraisers that will benefit causes such as: aid in Africa, outreach to children, protecting our planet, protecting animals and wildlife, building healthier lives and breast cancer research. The Signorelli Movement Foundation is also committed to promoting green fashion and socially responsible manufacturing within the fashion industry.

Coming soon…


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Which is worse: graffiti or garbage? (via right in front of me)

To start off I think that Garbage is worse than Graffiti because the world suffers form pollution and that cause global warming. Don’t we want a world that will be here for us in the future? Graffiti Has two side the bad side and the good side, the bad side is that it may be use for gang related stuff. The good side is that it can be use to beautify our community, it can teaches more about art. Graffiti teaches different cultures about different people in different parts of the world, it can be seen as a tattoo.If tattoos tell stories so can Graffiti. I’m not saying go and Tag all over the places but to get permission/consent and involve your community to try to change Graffiti from something Bad to something Good. I live in Los Angeles and if this city didn’t have Graffiti to look at to tell stories of back then I wouldn’t like living here. Graffiti Is the trade mark of LA. It might not be all good but we should try to make it that way, where people can walk by it and say thats a piece of art not a waste of time.

Which is worse:  graffiti or garbage? Both are against local bylaws.  Both are frowned upon by the good citizens who pay their taxes and are, by extension, paying for both of them to be cleaned up.  Both can be eyesores, a blight on the visual landscape.  But, if I had to choose, I'd take graffiti over garbage any day of the week.  Let's be clear here, though, that the graffiti I'm talking about is ART graffiti, not tagging a random wall in a school or bathroom stall with a Sharpie; … Read More

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Oh, the places you’ll go! (via I was an expat wife)

I’m one of millions that grew up with Dr.Suess and his amazing rhymes. His stories always thought us a lesson, taught us to be better persons in a way we could understand no matter the age difference. Some of my favorite books are especially How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Horton Hears A who, and The Lorax. These three stories shape the lives of millions it taught us the true meaning of Christmas, taught us “A person is A person No Matter how Small.” And finally that the world/nature is their for our benefit, to take good care of it for our future. To not take for granted the world that has seen us live. To Dr. Suess aka Theodor Seuss Geisel born March 2,1904 I want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday.

Oh, the places you'll go! Today is the birthday of Theodor Geisel, that giant of children’s literature better known as Dr. Seuss. He wrote an impressive number of much-loved classics in his lifetime, including my favourite, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. (I’ve been watching the animated version every year since I w … Read More

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“The Battle of Los Angeles”

The Battle of Los Angeles

The true story:

The Battle of Los Angeles is a story/myth an event that happen February 25,1942 after the attack in Pearl Harbor. Its been said that after the attack a few days later, 15 strange lights appeared in the coast of Los Angeles near the Santa Monica pear. What appear to be aircrafts thought to be by Japanese air force to attack wasn’t at all true. Those 15 rare but strange lights were not seen in the radar and began the speculations that they were UFOs. The U.S army was called upon to attack those invaders since they were to close to land and were very suspicious. After firing and trying their best to take them out they realize that it was no use that they were not even touch by one single attack and that they didn’t want to attack back, to defend themselves but just float there in silence. That story was said to be a lie after the president and the government tried to cover the story up with lies that it was in deed an air attack by the Japanese. After years of speculations, witness, and photographs the people started to believe that the attack was real and realize that we where not the only ones anymore, that there is life after our universe. After years of this historic event a movie by the same name is coming out with its on point of view of what happened that day in Los Angeles. The movie is said to be a little more exaggerated than it really was but it gives some light on the story. It’s the viewer who decides if it’s real or not. The movie is set to come out March 11, 2011. I suggest you go watch it if your like me and like this kind of movies or stories based on life that is out of this world.


Battle of Los Angeles from 7designs on Vimeo.

Battle Los Angeles : le trailer from Scifi-universe on Vimeo.

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